Blacksmith Course - Feedback.  Tutor: Ross Berry

General Comments:

If I tell you the first thing I did when I got home was to look through your brochure for details of the two day blacksmith course, does that give you a general feeling of how good my one day course went? :) Ross is an excellent teacher. Educated, informative, hugely knowledgeable and helpful.” Simon 2013

“Excellent course – excellent teacher” John, 2013

“Had a brilliant 2 days. Created far more than I expected at the end of the 2nd day we were able to do our own projects which was perfect putting the things we had learnt into practice. Ross was brilliant, a brilliant personality super helpful and totally positive at all times” Claire 2013

“I would just like to say the course was excellent ( I will highly  recommend it to anyone!) despite the weather! Ross was a great teacher  and i will definitely look at booking another course.”
David 2013

“He really worked hard!  I appreciated his enthusiasm - and the amount of preparation and clearing up he had to do probably would justify a higher charge!.” Lisa, 2011

How did you rate the marketing of the course?
Accurate (4 reviews)

How would you rate the booking process?
Satisfactory (1 review)
Excellent (2 reviews)

Did you receive enough information about the course before the day?
Yes (4 reviews)

Did the course meet your expectations, based on the pre-course information and marketing?
Yes (4 reviews)

Did you think the price of the course was reasonable?
it was nice that it didn’t break the bank  - but I am sure you could charge more for what was provided   (1 review)
About right (3 reviews)

Did you think the group size was appropriate?
About right  Really glad there were only 4 of us! (1 review)
About right (2 reviews)
I think the group size would have been ideal, had it not included, and meant I was working with a 12 year old child and his mother. I saw the course as an adult’s course and in view of the fact that for many years I was a teacher the last thing I need when I spend, what is for me, but clearly not for the child’s family, a significant amount of money is a small child with a poor attention span.” [we have now changed our policy on allowing children onto this course]


How would you rate the venue/facilities?
Excellent (2 reviews)
Satisfactory (2 reviews)

How would you rate the tutor?
(4 reviews)
Informative    10/10
Approachable 10/10
Friendly  10/10
Supportive  10/10
Understanding of different abilities and needs  10/10
Tolerant   11/10

Would you come on another course in the future?
 Yes (4 reviews)

Would you like to see any changes to the course, facilities, or teaching?
Would have been amazing to be in a place that had a proper forge just for the awesome-ness appeal