Coppicing Course - feedback. Tutor: John Waller

General comments:

I just wanted to say what an informative and highly enjoyable day Chantal and myself had with you on the coppicing course.We enjoyed your way of teaching and we learned a lot. We will definitely be returning for additional courses next year.” Saull 2014

“It was a very cold day so hot food at additionally cost would have been good but realise that is a big ask -  maybe a BBQ in the woods with local charcoal & people bringing their own meat to cook rather that you supplying it? Very much looking forward to the Hedgelaying Course”
Iain, 2012

Overall I was really happy with the course and would book another. John explained everything clearly and created a relaxed atmosphere which helped in such a situation. My only criticism was that the amount of time standing and listening to the theory was too long - the practical work after lunch was excellent but I just felt it would have been better if we'd been on the move more with the theory as long periods of being inactive was a challenge! Maybe more practical in the morning would have been better as there is only so much theory the brain can digest in one go!
Hope that is useful and maybe if there'd been some handouts to take away on the theory that would have been helpful.
I know it's hard to please everyone in those situations but thought you'd appreciate the feedback.
Will look forward to my next visit and overall I'm really pleased to have attended.”
Benson 2012
(editor’s note: we have now changed the structure of the course, and increased it from one day to two)


“I found the course both entertaining and highly informative.  I was particularly pleased that John was able to adapt to the needs of the audience without  being led down too many rabbit holes (he kept control but still gave enough additional information).
I would definitely recommend the course to friends and look forward to attending courses in the future (preferably when it’s warmer)”
Mark 2012

“The course was very informative and I enjoyed it very much.  However, my only comment would be that, maybe because the group was relatively large, we did not get on to charcoal and firewood.  I was quite looking forward to finding out how charcoal is made.
Otherwise brilliant!  Looking forward to the hedgelaying course.”
John 2012
(editor’s note: we have now changed the structure of the course, and increased it from one day to two)

.  It was a fascinating and very inspiring day.  John clearly knows his stuff and every question was enthusiastically answered - usually in a matter-of-fact “these are the issues” kind of way - considered responses which suggest open-mindedness and a pragmatic attitude, which is good if you ask me. A really good day, and a nice group of people too.” Tim 2012

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Informative     9.64/10
Approachable 9.75/10
Friendly  9.75/10
Supportive  9.52/10
Understanding of different abilities and needs  9.52/10
Tolerant   9.75/10
“I’m not sure I would ever be able to give 10/10 so 9/10 should reflect how impressed I was!”


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 Yes (5 reviews)

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