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the green wood workshop   

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The Green Wood Workshop - courses in Hurdle Making, Basket Making, Hedge Laying, Coppicing, Blacksmithing, Living Willow, Sweet Pea Frames, Rustic Chairs, Windsor Chairs....click here to be taken to the courses page..

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Green Wood?
Green Wood is freshly felled, still sappy wood. To work it requires a set of simple techniques based on an understanding of how wood reacts - both to the tools, and to the dry and shrinking process. Because it is green, the wood is soft and easy to work with hand tools, and because of this, green woodwork creates little waste, and can utilise small trees and logs. It is therefore green in all senses of the word - especially as at Bore Place the trees are felled as part of ongoing woodland restoration and sustainable management. Our courses and volunteer days are about learning woodcraft and helping with the conservation of Bore Place.

Are your classes suitable for beginners?
The majority of the courses are entirely suitable for beginners.  The only course that is really aimed entirely at a higher level is the Basketry for Improvers course in June.  If in any doubt, please do contact us.

Can I come on my own?
Most people do come to the courses on their own, so don’t feel uncomfortable!

I have a group of people all interested in coming along - can you run a course just for us?
Yes, I can - I have run many courses for small groups (including one hen weekend!), as well as for larger organisations such as the National Trust and Kew Gardens, so please do contact me to discuss further.