Willow Christmas Decorations - feedback. Tutor: John Waller

General comments:

The course states for children as well which was lovely and we had an enjoyable time – the only hard part for me was having to take the sith out of the willow for two people!” Jenny 2013

“Just a quick e mail to thank you for the fabulous willow Christmas course that I came on today with my two children. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and the decorations look great (well not sure about my dodgy skinny reindeer!). I am sure I will be along on future courses as I have definitely caught the willow bug!”
Lyn 2011

“My willow star is now dressed with fairy lights and looks great!”
Natalie, 2011

“Ruby and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and had great fun thank you and please let me know if you do anymore”
Stephanie 2011

How did you rate the marketing of the course?
Accurate (3 reviews)

How would you rate the booking process?
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Satisfactory (2 reviews)

Did you receive enough information about the course before the day?
Yes (3 reviews)

Did the course meet your expectations, based on the pre-course information and marketing?
Yes (3 reviews)

Did you think the price of the course was reasonable?
About right (3 reviews)

Did you think the group size was appropriate?
About right (3 reviews)

How would you rate the venue/facilities?
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How would you rate the tutor?
 (3 reviews)
Informative     9.5/10
Approachable 9.5/10
Friendly  9.5/10
Supportive 9.5/10
Understanding of different abilities and needs  9.5/10
Tolerant   9.5/10

Would you come on another course in the future?
 Yes (3 reviews)

Would you like to see any changes to the course, facilities, or teaching?
No (3 reviews)

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