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Living Willow Structures
Increasingly popular as natural shade in school playing fields, Living Willow Structures provide a green living shelter against the sun, and can be used as an outside classroom and play area.

Fully CRB checked, we have provided living willow structures at many local schools and pre-schools, and are able to involve the children in the planting/weaving process as appropriate.

All structures are mulched with play-grade bark mulch, and log seats or benches can be provided according to requirements.

A living “dome” seating up to 30 children, including the bark mulch and seats costs from 800, but smaller structures are available, and I’m happy to tailor the structure to suit a school’s requirements. Prices start from 150 for a living willow tuffet seat.

Created according to your space and requirem

A class of children assisting with the creation of a living willow dome


A living willow starfish for a pre-school beside the sea.


Living Willow Spacepod!


 Living Willow Igloo (“twigloo”!)


 Living Willow Indian Camp


A Living Willow Woven Seat with back rest and hood to produce leafy shade. Single seats and benches available.
Plant the seat with turf or  chamomile....or use an oak slab with bark mulch.  A single seat can be planted yourself - larger seats  need to be woven in situ.
Single seat 150
 Double seat 280


Living Willow Fence - from 2.50 per square foot


 Living Willow Bower (benches available to fit - see chairs/benches page). woven in situ - 175.00


Living Willow Summerhouse - from 1,200
A large, leafy shelter with woven seats, lattice walls and twisted central column.  



The ultimate living willow structure.....pictures show the same summerhouse,  before and after it sprouted!

ents, willow structures are ideal for schools, play areas or gardens.




























































Maintenance and Planting Information
Living Willow Structures require minimal maintenance - click here for the maintenance sheet. They can be planted once the leaves have dropped off the willow (normally November) and before the willow starts growing again at the beginning of April.

They require a clear, open site with minimal competition from large trees. They are planted into soil or turf - and need to be clear of drains etc.

Testimonial - Mrs S Rogers, Headteacher, St Michael’s School Withyham
“What a successful day it was...the children so enjoyed helping to construct the willow structure and watching the progress during the day - thank you for patiently welcoming and talking to the various groups as they came to watch!

We now have something living and lasting that we will treasure, on our school field. I know that the children will get so much pleasure from it.”