Hedgelaying - feedback. Tutor: John Waller

General comments:

“We had a fantastic two days. A really practical introduction to hedge laying and we feel we are geared up to start our own hedges. Ww both felt the time passed really quickly and as we left a bit early on the last day we hope to come back and take a quick look at the finished stretch of hedge that our course was working on this weekend. Highly recommended course. I have been really impressed with the whole process from our first enquiry, booking, information flow and the actual course. Well done to everyone involved.” Jill and  Mick 2015

“A very enjoyable and informative weekend; a pity there wasn’t one more person to make up four pairs” David 2015

“A very good instruction into the art of hedge laying. The instructor John was very approachable and easygoing gave help as and when necessary. All in all an enjoyable course.” Steve 2015

“John is a first class tutor who knows his trade very well and is very patient in explaining and showing the skills involved to the students.” Bernard 2015

Just a note to say thank you for the hedge laying course over the last weekend and found the whole experience very enjoyable and I would appreciate that you could put my name on your mailing list for future events” Rob 2016

“Thanks again John for the hedge laying course last weekend. It was a really enjoyable and worthwhile experience and the opportunity to get stuck-in and get our hands dirty from the start (not a reference to the wet conditions) was invaluable. I'll be booking some of your greenwood courses shortly.“ David 2016

Brilliant course and thoroughly enjoyable. John is very approachable and clearly very knowledgeable on the subject and other related topics. This is the first course of its kind that I have been on and has encouraged me to look into others. I will be coming again.  Thanks very much John. Great course. I would like to change my career and your course was very inspiring. I have been thinking long and hard recently about it and it has confirmed to me that working the land in some capacity is definitely what I enjoy most. I am very interested in the ancient techniques and skills and would like to come on some of your other courses in the future. ” John 2014

“Big 10 out of 10 for john, informative and entertaining....will be looking into more courses. Thanks to all for a great weekend.”
Paul 2014

It was a great course and I certainly learned a lot in a very short space of time which I now need to put into practice. I have no real suggestions on  improvement as John covered everything in a way which was very easy to understand and was always on hand to point out where we had gone wrong or how we could correct. My only thought would be - us oldies  were somewhat tired after standing up in a muddy field for 6 hours so if some form of seating could be provided for the lunch break this would be a great help. PS yes I am likely to look at joining another of your courses at Bore Place as I had no idea so much went on there.”
Rupert 2014

Thank you for a wonderful day. I am now trying to find hedges in Pembury that need laying!” Peter, 2013

“I had a great time on the two days of the course and achieved all that I had hoped.  Thank s for your patient tuition and good humour while watching your hedges getting mangled”
James 2012

“It was a smaller group and I would say the group size was about right. I found it very useful and enjoyed it thank you.!”
Tim 2012

How did you rate the marketing of the course?
accurate (7 reviews)

How would you rate the booking process?
excellent (5 reviews)
satisfactory (2 review)

Did you receive enough information about the course before the day?
Yes (8 reviews)

Did the course meet your expectations, based on the pre-course information and marketing?
Yes (7  reviews)
Surpassed my expectations (1 review)

Did you think the price of the course was reasonable?
About right (6 reviews)
Was a gift (1 review)
Can’t remember how much it was! (1 review)

Did you think the group size was appropriate?
About right (8 reviews)

How would you rate the venue/facilities?
Excellent (5 reviews)
Ok (3 reviews)

How would you rate the tutor?
 (4 reviews)
Informative     9.95/10
Approachable  9.95/10
Friendly  9.95/10
Supportive  9.95/10
Understanding of different abilities and needs  9.95/10
Tolerant   9.95/10

Would you come on another course in the future?
 Yes (5 reviews)

Would you like to see any changes to the course, facilities, or teaching?
“No.  Everything was about right”
“Only more time to be shown what to do and then to practice what I was taught”
The only thing that could be mentioned is the tools required and the  fact we may be sharing, then we have the option of bringing our own,  which is what I did on Sunday and it made life a bit easier when we both needed the same tool. Also, suggest knee pads, it saved thorny wet knees on Sunday.”

Did you book overnight accommodation on site?
no (2 reviews)