• One Day Baskets Course - feedback. Tutor: John Waller
  • “Hello, I had had such a nice day on the basket weaving course on Saturday, that I'd like to book onto a couple of your courses next year if possible. Please pass on my thanks to John, it was a lovely venue, and his instruction was excellent!” Carrie 2016

    “”Just to say thank you for a fabulous day on Saturday , your patience with us all was amazing and your teaching skills very good . We had a great time so thank you very much. ” Susan and Mark 2016

    “The venue was lovely - except next time I would make sure I was not sitting in direct sunlight as this didn't help keeping the willow damp! Group size was fine and would have been even with the two other people who could not attend on the day. With hindsight, I would have appreciated some basic notes. John has suggested that I have a go at home which I am still considering as a two day course is probably too expensive for me. However, I do have some difficulty remembering the different stages we went through. (not sure if this is age related but I hope not!) I still would like to make some flat baskets!“ Merrie  2014

    “Setting up and finding the course was easy and efficient once I had been pointed in the right direction.
    The instructions to find the place were clear and easy to follow and the venue delightful. Arthur ran the course with humour and a clear understand of both the history and techniques of basket making. He also allowed his master to put in a few extra tips and play with his sticks as and when he felt like it. [editors note - Arthur is our dog!]
    In short we had a lovely, intense and tiring day which we left filled with satisfaction.
    We plan to return to construct something larger.“ Stephen 2013

    “Thank you for yesterday - i really enjoyed the course - and it was lovely to learn and do something completely different.
    I will send you a photo of my basket and what it is now being used for ...(we have just got four new chickens .. and it was perfect for the collection of our first egg!.).
    In response to your questionnaire - if ok i thought id drop you an email
    - i have to admit that id didnt really know quite what to expect - but really enjoyed it - even though i found it quite hard - and was surprised at how physical it was - but i guess with practice it becomes easier due to better technique .
    - I loved the venue and the relaxedness of the course and having Arthur around to was lovely .
    - It opened my eyes to the different uses of materials and about the the different baskets - perhaps a little more on the background /uses of baskets in general would be good .
    - i usually hate this on courses when you go round and say your name and why you are on the course - but that may have been nice at the beginning to introduce ourselves and why we were on the course.
    All in all i really enjoyed the day - Thank you .” Mandy 2013

    “Great course, with good tuition, easy to find, in a lovely location.
    Will be back to try more!” Sally, 2013

  • I attended what I thought was an Introduction (i.e. beginners course); the venue is beautiful, the tutor very pleasant and welcoming and we had a good group of people.
    However, although I struggled more than others, I feel the following would have helped me:
    - Knowledge that we would be sitting on the floor for the entire course (6 hours); chairs were available but no tables. [editors note - good feedback, thank you - I have updated the website to show this]
    - More individual support on the critical stages of the preparation of the basket - forming the cross for the base, showing individual weavers - although if asked the tutor would always help perhaps for the critical stages a sit round on chairs with tables might have been better and whilst there were books available some simple diagram handouts of each crucial stage would have been helpful and given the cost of the course should have been included.
    The tutor admitted at the end that the course normally took two sessions and again, although others seemed to cope and maybe had done basketry before, a slightly slower pace would have suited me. [editors note: in fact this course is designed as a one day course, but two day courses are available for those who wish to make a larger basket and take more time to learn each individual stage]
    All in all the atmosphere was good and enjoyable but as very much a beginner if some of the above had been in place it would have helped me.
    Instructions on how to get there, follow up to booking etc. all very good” Frances 2013