Sussex Gate Hurdles - feedback. Tutor: John Waller

General comments:
“John Waller is brilliant at putting information across in a way that is interesting, enjoyable and instructive.” Guy 2012

“I very much enjoyed the day and felt that I had learnt some useful techniques.” Edward 2012

How did you rate the marketing of the course?
accurate (2 review(s))

How would you rate the course booking process?
excellent (2 review(s))

Did you receive enough information about the course before the day?
Yes (2 review(s))

Did the course meet your expectations, based on the pre-course information and marketing?
Yes (2 review(s))

Did you think the price of the course was reasonable?
about right (2 review (s))

Did you think the group size was appropriate?
(2 review(s)) about right

How would you rate the venue/facilities?
Excellent (2 review(s))

How would you rate the tutor?
 (2 review(s))
Informative    10/10
Approachable 10/10
Friendly  10/10
Supportive  10/10
Understanding of different abilities and needs  10/10
Tolerant   10/10

Would you come on another course in the future?
(2 review(s)) Yes

Would you like to see any changes to the course, facilities, or teaching?
None to the teaching or facilities, but if there is any room for a slightly different subject, I would be interested.  I can’t really suggest anything, because I don’t know what is out there – but any technique with wood would do.  Maybe learning about different woods and their traditional strengths and weaknesses for various purposes?

Did you book overnight accommodation on site?
no (2 review(s))