Spoon Whittling Course - Feedback

“I really enjoyed my spoon whittling. Great fun and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.” Jill 2015

“I came to the whittling course on Saturday 22.06.13 and just wanted to feedback on my experience.
The course was gifted to me so I can't comment on the booking process etc, though I believe the price as 55, which I think is good value given tutor, tools and materials were included.

Good points for me were:
Class size  - Not too many people, felt like John had plenty of time to explain to you as an individual if you needed it.
Location / setting - Easy to access (admittedly we're only in Crowborough)
Plenty of space (we were lucky with weather and so were able to enjoy working outside)
Facilities - Excellent, plenty of tools to try / use
Tutor - John was informative and explained the processes well. He was very approachable and it was pleasant not to necessarily be looked over but have him around to answer questions and give advice if needed.
I would say the 'spoon' project might be a little intimidating for a complete beginner not immediately familiar with handling the tools. Whilst it taught you quite a few techniques I thought the level of tool control may frustrate novices. I personally decided to make a mallet as my first project. This worked well giving me initial confidence with the tools whilst I didn't have to master too many grips / techniques. I could be quite 'blunt' with my actions without fear of going too wrong. I also produced a coat/scarf/hat rack from a nice piece of twisted oak.
Overall a very enjoyable day and one that I'd recommend to friends.
I'd be quite interested in attending other course and may well investigate these in the future” Jonathan 2013

“I really enjoyed it, nice group and good size, relaxing, excellent tutor ... .. and he was cheerful and on good form.
I was happy making a spoon because I wanted to improve my knife skills but maybe a few more examples of things to whittle would be good. How about figures and animals or maybe that's not John's thing.
I was initially attracted to the course because it was a weekend. I do think a weekend whittling would be good, sounds very relaxing.
More gingham next time please!” Ruth, 2013