2023 Update: BEAN POLES and PEA STICKS are now sold out for 2023.

Bean Poles and Pea Sticks are available from January until they sell out (generally April time). Small orders are available for collection only from TN8 7AR, by appointment.


Pea Sticks provide excellent natural plant supports for vegetables and herbaceous plants.
Pea Sticks (bale of 20), 1-10 bales @ £10.00 per bale (collection only)
Pea Sticks (bale of 20) 10 bales+ @ £8.50 per bale plus delivery


Bean Poles are supplied as 8’ long hazel poles.  They are excellent for creating the traditional runner bean “wigwam” or just get creative!  Cost is £25 for a bundle of 20 (plus delivery). Please note we have SOLD OUT of bean poles for 2023.

We supply pea sticks and bean poles to:
– Chelsea Physic Garden
– Sutton Place
– various National Trust properties.
– we also sell to individuals for use in their garden.

The humble bean pole has been celebrated in recent years during National Beanpole Week.  National Beanpole Week, which was first held in 2008, is an annual event which supports the coppice sector.  It’s run by the Small Woods Association. The idea behind this is to support Britain’s coppiced woodlands by choosing eco-friendly, locally-grown coppiced beanpoles instead of imported bamboo canes. The hazel bean poles can last a couple of years if they are pulled up at the end of the growing season and stored somewhere dry.

Pea sticks are naturally “fan shaped” and are bendy enough to weave into different shapes.  If grouped together in a circle, the tops can be woven together to provide additional support.

By switching to British-grown coppiced beanpoles and pea sticks, gardeners and growers will be doing their bit to support the environment, wildlife, rural jobs, ancient skills and traditions – and their beans.

We are members of the Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group.  All our Bean Poles and Pea Sticks are harvested from woodlands around Kent, Sussex and Surrey.