Benches Seats Chairs

All our Benches Seats Chairs and other furniture is made to order and we carry very little stock.  However, it’s always worth contacting us just in case!


Most of the wood used in our garden furniture is grown and harvested at Bore Place, in accordance with the Forestry Commission’s Woodland Grant Scheme.   If we have been unable to source the wood from our own supplies, we will have brought it in from elsewhere in the South East of England.  Absolutely none of our wood has been imported from abroad, and all of it comes from sustainably managed woodlands. We are also members of the Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group.

Where planked Oak is used, we have milled it on site using a local mobile saw mill.  This means that the oak has literally been transported zero miles by the time we are using it in our workshop.  We also offer Boney Oak as an option for some of our benches (where it is available) if you prefer the more “rustic” look!.

We make all of our chairs and benches using a combination of green-wood techniques and traditional carpentry.  As they are made with hard wood (as opposed to soft wood such as pine), they are solid, durable and long-lasting. .  Although we supply them “untreated”, our garden chairs and benches can be left outside all year round.  Over time, the wood will fade to a silver/grey colour and may crack and look more “weathered”.  However, natural weathering will not affect the strength of the furniture.

Contact me for further information or to discuss designs.


As some of our items are quite large, we do need to charge for delivery.  The cost will vary according to distance, and we are unable to deliver more than 30 miles from our workshop.  Any courier service that is used beyond this distance needs to be organsed by the customer and is done so entirely at their own risk.